Sustainable Mobility Forum



ACCESSIBLE MOBILITY, WITHIN EVERYONE'S REACH Mobility is today one of the main challenges of modern cities. It is also the case for Lisbon. To answer it, we need to change the paradigm. We must reverse the path that, in recent decades, has been followed in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and adapt the supply of public transport to the housing areas and respective migratory flows. In this sense, we think it is important to promote solutions that allow reducing the dependence on the car itself, improving the quality of life and health of the people of Lisbon. Today, with the management of all surface transportation, parking, the Municipal Police, mobility planning, traffic lights, bike lanes and the future network of shared bicycles, CML must lead this movement of several partners (Government, other Municipalities, transportation companies, among others) assuming its responsibility. The measures we present, in line with the Covenant of Mayors and the United Nations' Sustainable Cities challenge, aim to respond to the problems of those who enter the city every day to work, by modernizing the Cascais line and creating lanes dedicated to public transport on the main access roads to Lisbon and to those who circulate within the city, improving public transport in an integrated manner, from a perspective of environmental sustainability and inclusion.

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