Sustainable Mobility Forum

City of Rome


Roma Servizi per la Mobilità proposes solutions, identifies strategies, supports Roma Capitale's actions and verifies the effectiveness of the measures adopted in order to find the most appropriate solutions in the short, medium and long term, taking as priorities respect for the environment, the liveability of urban spaces and the sustainability of choices. This department prepares transportation studies and supports the administration in the drafting of strategic plans for the development of transportation networks, such as the PUMS - Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, which defines and plans new infrastructure for mobility in the medium term. It provides for the new short-term measures for the regulation of urban mobility, identified in the PGTU - General Urban Traffic Plan. It plans and implements the PPTU - Detailed Urban Traffic Plans, punctual and extensive interventions on the territory, with a great impact on the quality of life and road safety. It plans and designs the surface public transport network and its modifications according to the relationship between transport supply and demand. It controls, reports and certifies the production carried out by the public transport operators in order to verify the quality requirements of the services and the payment of service contract fees. It carries out planning, control and verification activities for reserved school transport services and for disabled persons on duty. Through the search for funding and partnerships, it participates in and develops innovative national and international projects in the field of mobility and environment.

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