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Département de l'Essonne


Authentic by nature and avant-garde by temperament, Essonne is a "little France" located at the gateway to Paris. It is a young department which, in fifty years, has become one of the most dynamic territories in France and the most attractive in the Ile-de-France region, and is today a true "Land of the future". Benefiting from an exceptional natural environment, the Department of Essonne places the development of its inhabitants at the heart of its priorities in order to strengthen their attachment to the region. The living environment is therefore essential to the well-being of everyone. To be fully effective, this must also be based on the desire to provide the public with quality facilities, renowned cultural events, and an enhanced heritage, without forgetting to allow the associative fabric to meet the diversity of demands. It is also a question of satisfying the requirements of both mobility and economic development, without ever losing sight of the tranquillity that is a major aspiration of our contemporaries.

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