Sustainable Mobility Forum

Ville de Caen


Mobility has become an essential component of our societies, a factor of integration and social cohesion. However, the ability to move around is very unequal on three levels: physical (people with reduced mobility), social (the most affluent populations are those who have the easiest time moving around) and geographic (some territories are not or are poorly served by basic infrastructure), inequalities that often accumulate. Public transport must respond to the need for greater social justice and combat this triple segregation, in order to guarantee freedom of movement for everyone. It has an essential role to play in facilitating access to employment, training and leisure activities, which are the key to social integration. Urban organization, whether for housing, employment or leisure, requires increasing exchanges within and between territories of varying densities. Mobility has thus become one of the major challenges of community life - and of daily life. It is an essential means for the proper functioning of society. Over the last three decades, the metropolis of Caen has experienced a boom in its suburban development. This means that it is attracting more and more inhabitants, but the counterpart is the lengthening of trips and the increase in their frequency for the inhabitants of our territory. The Household Travel Survey shows that the number of daily trips for an inhabitant on the perimeter of Caen-Metropole is around 4.09 per day and more than 63% of trips are made by car. Caen-Métropole has adopted a real territorial project through the Territorial Coherence Scheme, which clearly links urban planning and travel and sets out strong guidelines. Coordinated management of urban development and transportation is one of the priorities, particularly in order to contribute to the fight against climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and to the well-being of our fellow citizens through adapted, regular transportation.

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