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Blue Systems


Blue Systems was born out of the desire to bring together 9 entities of the Bolloré Group under a single brand by combining their know-how and expertise. Thanks to these synergies, it offers a range of high value-added technologies and solutions designed to meet the new challenges facing companies and cities. Process fluidity, automated and connected management, eco-responsible solutions... Markets are changing rapidly and are giving rise to new needs and challenges that companies and cities must take into consideration in order to move forward. Faced with this situation, Blue Systems brings together its skills to offer a compendium of innovative and high-tech solutions and propose an ecosystem for optimizing the flow of people, equipment and data. High-performance equipment, solutions for tomorrow's mobility, innovative tools for companies and cities... Blue Systems offers a variety of services and products grouped into three areas of expertise, Technology, Smart Mobility and Solutions, through its subsidiaries Automatic Systems, Bluecar, Bluecarsharing, Bluestation, Bolloré télécom, EASIER, IER, Polyconseil, and its Smart Mobility solution.

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